Liquid rouge with lasting color, shine, and
hydration for plump lips, now available.

Feminine elegance, vibrant shine, indulging in the atmosphere of the times. Women wish to go out each day with their “best face” forward. Yet it is characteristic for modern-day women to feel frustrated or unsure of their daily makeup, especially since they have little time to spare during their busy mornings. ESPRIQUE allows busy, active women to approach their daily makeup more flexibly and freely.

KOSÉ ESPRIQUE. The product concept is “One Stroke Beauty”.

The average time that women spend daily on their makeup is 17.73 minutes on weekdays, and 21.68 minutes on weekends (Hakuhodo survey). In our wish to help you complete your makeup routine in 5 minutes, we developed the “one stroke” concept, to help you transform into your ideal face with a single stroke.

This autumn, witness the birth of a magical liquid rouge from KOSÉ ESPRIQUE’s “One Stroke Beauty” line.
Create plump, kissable lips in a single stroke.
Long-lasting color, shine, and hydration.
Those perfect lips will catapult you into the limelight.
Come and take the first step towards becoming the star of your own drama.

ESPRIQUE: (French) Term coined from “esprit”. Means “spirit” or “essence”.