ESPRIQUE Highlight & Shading

ESPRIQUE Highlight & Shading


Produce natural three-dimensional feeling with light and shadow.
Face color that makes make-up 3-dimensional small face come true.


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It melts moistly on the skin and directs a clean face.
With exquisite brightness and shade, the face color creates a natural three-dimensional feeling.

Highlight & shading <case sold separately>
Refill 4.5 g

◆ Two-color face color, creating a natural three-dimensional feel with exquisite light and shadows.
It melts moistly on the skin and realizes a clean three-dimensional small face that makes it make-up.

◆ High fitness to the skin, beautiful finish with transparency will continue for 8 hours *. ※ Get data on make-up moisture (Our research.There are individual differences in effect.)

◆ Moisturizing ingredients & oil formulation.
It is a fine powdery feel that melts in the skin, it does not jump out of powder, it is a finish without drying feeling.

◆ Light Color
Combines two kinds of oil coated pearls and pigments, spherical powder, further coated with oil “skin familiar composite powder”. It fulfills a moist and smooth feel and a sense of penetration into the skin. In addition, “smooth spherical powder” soft pores and fine irregularities such as fine wrinkles will also softly cover, while giving natural gloss and gloss while covering.

◆ Shade collar
Plate-like powder etc. are coated with silicone oil and blended in large amounts. It fits perfectly with the thin film and it fits natural finish like a shadow of nature.

◆ It is blurred softly with natural brush.

◆ fragrance free


◆ hyaluronic acid · phospholipid · moist oil (moisturizing)

◆ Skin Fit Component

◆ Lucent powder

Hyaluronic acid is sodium hyaluronate, phospholipid is hydrogenated lecithin, moist oil is triethylhexanoin, skinfit ingredient is lauroyllysine, lucent powder is synthetic phlogopite, skin familiar composite powder is mica · titanium oxide · petroleum · squalane, smooth Spherical powder is nylon? 12.

How to use

① After the light color is blurred from the high position of the cheek and the forehead to the nose ridge, it is put on the chin.
② From the temple color to the face line from the temple color, softly blur it.

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