ESPRIQUE Lip Treatment Liquid

ESPRIQUE Lip Treatment Liquid


Lump treatment also instantly cracked lips, lip treatment.


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Active ingredient Medicated lip treatment which blends Vitamin E derivative , leads to lips,
prevents drying and cracking,
and leads to shiny and moisture-filled lips.

Lip Treatment Liquid (2 colors 6 g)◆ With three oil ingredients, it also fits wrinkles and peeling lips on drying without feeling a sense of burden, keeps moisture.

◆ fragrance free


◆ Active ingredient: Vitamin E derivative

◆ hyaluronic acid peppermint extract petrolatum (moisturizing)

◆ Menthol · Camphor (cool)

The vitamin E derivative is DL-a-tocopherol acetate, the peppermint extract is linseed mint, the menthol is l-menthol, camphor is dl-camphor, the oil pack component is petrolatum, the smooth oil is dialkyl carbonate (14, 15) It is polybutene.

how to use

Take the appropriate amount in the attached chip,
stretch it on your lips.


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