ESPRIQUE Rich creamy rouge

ESPRIQUE Rich creamy rouge


Dense coloring. Continued moisture.
New feel, hard to fall Liquid Rouge.


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With creamy touch, dense coloring and rich moisture.
Finished to the contour neatly, Liquid Rouge hard to fall.

◆ Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid · Squalane (Moisturizing), Airy Stay Ingredients, Melty Cream Component (Moisturizing), Wrapping Oil

Product features

  • ◆ Color development and color of stick, new feel rouge realizing Liquid’s moisture and light spreading.
  • ◆ Kose New Technique ※ Triple Lasting Prescription. Freshly colored · moisture continues.
    ① <High penetration oil>
    Adhesion of pigment to lip side. The lips are plump and soft.
    ② New formulation ※ <Airy stay ingredient>
    Airy stay ingredients with net structure are in close contact with the pigment uniformly. Keep a beautiful freshly cut color. ※ Lipstick
    ③ <Moist veil>
    Shield the lips firmly. Prevent moisture evaporation, keep moisture.
  • ◆ Superb smooth touch that softly melts lightly without stickiness.
    “Melty cream ingredient”: It turns into a liquid at body temperature, melts at the moment when it is applied, realizes the finest smoothness and moisture.
    “Airy Stay Ingredients”: Form a fluffy film to hold air.
  • ◆ 6 hours make-up mouth data acquisition
    ※ Our research. In effect there are individual differences.

how to use

Take the appropriate amount in the attached chip, 
please use directly on the lips.


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