FASIO Mineral foundation

FASIO Mineral foundation


Ion power keeps the soft-looking finish!!

Gently and softly adheres!

Shine-free, deterioration-free mineral foundation

(Paraben free, allergy- tested, non- comedogenic



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  • Foundation

Softly adheres as if sucking the skin.

Long-lasting, shine-free, pore-covering mineral foundation

Coverage over pores and uneven skin tone

Pore-obscuring powder and soft-focus effect

minimizes the look of pores and uneven tone.

  • Sponge

Gentle-to-the sponge

Smooth and gentle application

  • Case

Easy-to-hold foundation case The shape of the case is well designed

How to use

With a dry or well-squeezed wet sponge, apply evenly to the entire face

Active ingredients

Ion absorbent, Skin-blending agent, Full-moist agent, Mineral soft powder

Pore-obscuring Powder



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