JUNKISUI Massage Serum

JUNKISUI Massage Serum

A serum that is a super savior for sudden acne outbreaks due to stress, or change in environmental conditions.

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  • When applied together with a facial massage, the serum promotes blood circulation and lyphatic drainage to discharge metabolism by-products.
  • Formulated with Oriental herbal extracts which penetrates deep into the keratin layer of skin to keep skin pure, clear and silky smooth.
  • Oat Extract formulation helps prevent acne caused by excessive sebum secretion, leaving skin hydrated and clear.
  • Treats inflammation and redness caused by suntan or snowtan.


  • A watery gel texture that spreads easily over the skin.


  • Dispense 3 pumps onto palms and spread onto washed, clean face.
  • Massage with fingertips for about a minute and leave on.
  • Follow up with lotion to soothe the skin after massage.


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