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A rich whitening cream that gives the skin firmness and elasticity.

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  • A cream that works on skin that’s damaged from dryness and other causes, by restoring its firmness and translucency through deep hydration.
  • Compounded with Coix Seed, Angelica, and Melothria extracts (hydration) which moisturize the skin and give it translucency.
    Also compounded with Asian Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis, Chinese Lovage, and Gynostemma extracts (hydration) which enhance the condition of the skin through thorough hydration.
  • Delivers active whitening ingredients deep down into the horny cell layer, and prevents blemishes/freckles caused by sunburn.
  • Emulsifies with sebum/intercellular lipid analogs. Highly emollient and has lasting whitening effects without feeling excessively sticky.
  • The cream has a rich, velvety feel. The skin’s youthful firmness and elasticity continue right into the next morning, bouncing back at the touch of your fingertips.


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