Iconic Lazuline Bottle

SEKKISEI, loved since 1985

SEKKISEI’s promise of beautiful, translucent skin is best captured by the image of a dazzling field of fresh snow. SEKKISEI’s beautiful lazuline bottle was designed to evoke the image of a medicine bottle. Back then, oriental herbal ingredients was rarely used in cosmetic products.
Today, the brand continues to be cherished by women in Asia – and increasingly, the world – who are especially passionate about attaining beautiful translucent skin. We hear heartwarming stories about mothers passing their love for the brand to their daughters.

Since its release almost 30 years ago, women around the world have been purchasing over 5,000 bottles of SEKKISEI Lotion a day on average.* The prestigious awards it has garnered in various beauty magazines around the world attest to its popularity. Raved by headlines such as “a beautiful lotion that symbolizes Japan,” SEKKISEI is now spreading its wings and soaring towards its goal of becoming the number one whitening brand both in Japan and around the world.